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TAKE CONTROL of your video store's web presence. Stop advertising for your competitors with that 'free' website. You decide what gets updated and when. Do it as often as you wish.
Tailored to the look and feel of your store
You specify: colors, fonts, images
We can further customize your website on an individual basis.
Fully searchable database containing your entire rental inventory
You update your titles yourself whenever you like in less than 10 minutes.
Every title and major star can be linked to a full synopsis and description of the movie. You may choose either Rotten Tomatoes® or IMDb®.
You decide what information from your database is displayed (title, category, rating, format, run time, release year, stars, copy depth, availability).
You create as many coupons as you'd like and have them automatically popup (or not) when your customer visits your page.
You have full control over the expiration date, time period the coupon is active, even the days of the week it is displayed on your site.
We can even print a barcode on the coupon so all you have to do is scan it when your customer hands it to you.
Movie Previews
You may enable a listing of up to 99 movie previews which display on your home page.
This FREE service will assure there is always fresh content for your customers.
Service provided by moreover.com.
Family Friendly
Any adult material automatically filtered out based on Category & Rating.
The same function can also be used to filter out pre-books, or damaged tapes you do not wish to remove from your system, but don't want your customers to see either.
New Release / Coming Soon
You can now quickly update your site in advance with coming releases.
You specify the release date, we display the film automatically when the date arrives.
Get those extra copies working for you.
Maintain your own list of titles which are displayed alphabetically, and by format.
Write and Share Reviews
Write a review for a movie, and share it with other Take Control Video family members.
Use our shared archive to add to your list of movie reviews.
Print custom sized shelf-talkers with full color cover art - save hours of work.
On-line Customer Reservations
Your customers can request a movie whenever they think about it now.
Maintain your own list of external links
We supply you with an initial database of many video industry links which you can modify yourself. Keep 'em or delete 'em.
Create your own link categories specific to your location or situation.
You choose how many and what category your favorite sites are in.

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